Fight Against Corona – Tools to Work From Home

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Do you know there are certain tools that can really help you to make your work from home productive and effective? It does not always require an office environment to come out with productive results, especially in modern situation, where offices are getting closed due to COVID-19.

Working from home is among the latest trend of working and this trend has been evolved globally. Without worrying whether your work will be productive or not, you can make your investment on the best tools to work from home.

In this post by Next Click you will get to know about the advantages of working from home and the most-effective tools to work from home in 2020 that will definitely encourage your team to come out with productive work.

Advantages of Working from Home

Before discussing about the best tools to work from home, we need to discuss about the worthy advantages of letting employees work from home.

Flexible Schedule.

While working from home, employees can get a flexible schedule which lets them to work without any rush & hurry.

Customised Environment.

Working from home lets employees set the environment around them according to their mood which lets them to work willingly.

Zero Office Distractions.

Working from home also lets employees to avoid any kind of distraction they would have faced in office and they can focus themselves on their work.

Company Benefits

When employees work in good mood, their work becomes productive, which directly impacts the growth of a company.

Best Tools to Work from Home

Tools to Manage Tasks

1.     Trello

With an easy to use interface Trello lets you to design and assign any task to your team. When any task progresses, team members can slide the particular card to the next category. Trello is one of the best Task Management software that makes working from home very well organized for you and your team.

2.     Monday

Monday is another effective task operating system that enables a company to build customized workflow apps without any kind of coding. With the help of these apps, you and your team can run projects, manage projects and manage everyday work. According to a data of 2020, this company serves 100K organizations from 200 different markets.

Communication Tools

1.     Slack

One of the best communication management software, Slack, is best suited to work from home. With advantages of creating team channels for multiple departments, you can send direct messages to every member of your team. Other advantages of Slack include bookmark messages, drag-and-drop of files, pin documents, etc.

2.     Zoom

Communication while working from home can get more effective with video conferencing. Zoom is one of the best tools while working from home that can give you a good video conferencing experience with certain other features like online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration. Without any doubt Zoom is the must-have software for you and your team to make effective communication while working from home.

Developers Tools

1.     Pivotal Tracker

When it comes to a platform which can help developers to share a single interface for working together by logging bug reports, to-do-lists and feature requests, Pivotal Tracker is the best software while working from home. With this software you can keep an eye on what your team is working on. It also allows to plan your schedule every week.

2.     Github

One of the most useful tools for developers while working from is Github, which lets developers to share code with the team. Github also has a slack integration which makes code reviews and pair programming easier than ever before.

Digital Marketing

1.     Buffer

Buffer is a social media management software which lets your digital marketing team to schedule post on social media account of businesses. It also helps your digital marketing team to work together on a single strategy. Buffer is a must-have tool for your digital marketing team while working from home.

2.     Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an all-in-one platform to meet your e-mail marketing needs. With a single login id, your team can work on a single platform to run e-mail marketing campaigns, maintain relationship with clients on e-mail, launch remarketing ads on e-mail, etc.

3.     Hootsuite

Another social media management platform that helps a lot while working from home is Hootsuite. By using hootsuite, you can enhance your social media management work by handling multiple social media accounts on a single platform.

Reporting & Analysis Tools

1.     Tableau

Without any technical or programming knowledge to operate, Tableau, becomes one of the must have software for analytics & reporting. The best feature of Tableau includes data blending, collaboration of data & real-time analysis. Tableau was built to make analysis and reporting easy for your team, therefore, it is one of the best tool to work from home.

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